Picasso Baby Makes Some People Feel All The Feels

junkyardarts August 7, 2013 Comments Off on Picasso Baby Makes Some People Feel All The Feels
Picasso Baby Makes Some People Feel All The Feels

Since it’s airing on Friday 2nd (and previews that went viral online through Vines and other videos), Jay Z’s Picasso Baby seems to be making a lot of people feel a lot of feels.

Some people are personally offended.  Feeling slighted by the now-sell-out formerly-favorite artist.

Some people didn’t even know, man.

Some people didn’t think it happened.

Some people think everyone looks happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time

Some people think it isn’t real art.

And yet, we are still talking about it. This performance so perfectly illustrates why I do what I do, really.  See, lots of things are art, and where there is intention – there is art.  Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s life changing.  This performance? Was a marketing campaign that worked so hard it serves only to illustrate what a powerful business Jay-Z is.

And yeah, it’s art.

It’s commercialized.  It wholly lacks creativity.  It’s fun.  It’s full of celebrities.  It’s got real energy and excitement.  And none of those things make it not art.  And aside from the self aggrandizing in the beginning of the video, the actual performance doesn’t seem to take itself super seriously.  Everyone is having a good time watching someone do what he loves and interacting with him. Would I call it great performance art? I wouldn’t call it difficult or thoughtful performance art, but I enjoyed it.  That’s all that matters.

That’s all that matters because art isn’t just about rich white people mouth-shitting semantics over Prosecco.  Art isn’t just about angry teens in art school making each other chug ipecac so they can barf on a canvas.  It can be a musician taking a stab at a more private performance, playing artist to the critics.

Where one critic says it’s a betrayal of his roots, others will say he has pioneered the road from corner kid to business man and introducing fans to the art world is another avenue he’s paved.

Or maybe he’s just super fucking rich now and he’s interesting in investing in the arts.  Or he’s only playing that to make different friends in high places.  Who the fuck cares?

Make no mistake, this is a work of performance art.  You are free to love it or hate it.  I often hate art.  I shit all over it on this site.  This time?

I’m just a big fan of Picasso, what can I say?

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