Our 100th Post: Something To Take Your Breath Away

junkyardarts November 6, 2010 Comments Off on Our 100th Post: Something To Take Your Breath Away

TimeScapes.Org StillEver stumble upon something that reignites your passion for reckless abandon, wide-eyed exploration and reminding yourself that we are a whole lot smaller in the universe than we sometimes put on?

Behold: Timescapes.  Silky, slinky shadows gliding across petrified trees that mesmerize.  Images of the cosmos that bewilder, terrify and capture the imagination.  A new way of seeing the world around us – without being corny, overbearing or heavy handed.  Just pure cinematic gold.  Im counting down till the feature comes out – hopefully in IMAX!

And how it’s done:

For more info on Timescapes, head to their blog, and sign up for email updates on new videos and the release of the final film in 2011. I told you it was awesome. Happy 100th to Us!

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