Krampus Having Banner Year in 2015

junkyardarts November 18, 2015 Comments Off on Krampus Having Banner Year in 2015
Krampus Having Banner Year in 2015

Everyone’s favorite Christmas nightmare, Krampus, is having a hell of a year with two major movies coming out featuring his horned and hoofed horror.

First up, A Christmas Horror Story, featuring William Shatner as the story’s narrator. ¬†Various interwoven stories involving horrible shit happening to people on Christmas include rage-infected Elves, creepy children, and an epic battle between Santa and Krampus.

Second, it’s top billing for Krampus with a self-titled film. ¬† Here we have a simple story of Krampus basically doing what he do to a miserable family, and the line “it’s Christmas! Nothing bad’s going to happen on Christmas!”. Perfect.

So I’ll be seeing both, thanks.


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