Fantastic News! Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop on Hulu!

junkyardarts January 21, 2011 Comments Off on Fantastic News! Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop on Hulu!

banksyIn case you missed this brilliant film when it went through the cinema circuit, the internet god’s have smiled upon us and have made it available, free, on Hulu!

If you haven’t yet heard of Exit Through the Gift Shop, I’ll sum it up for you:

A man inadvertently starts filming well known street artists and decides he will make a documentary about them.  Banksy ends up turning the documentary around and secretly making it about the man.  Hilarity, insanity, and confusion about what is art, who makes it and whether or not it means anything anymore is explored.

Seriously.  See this movie.  Even if you aren’t sure you care about street art, even if you hate street artists, even if you think street art is a counter culture we could do without – see this movie.  It will appeal to those of you with all those feelings – and those who throw their heart and support behind the movement.  This movie is a shout-out, and sometimes a fuck-you, to contemporary art culture, critics, buyers and the muddled understanding and acceptance of comodification.

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