10-Word Movie Review: Magic Mike

junkyardarts June 30, 2012 Comments Off on 10-Word Movie Review: Magic Mike
10-Word Movie Review: Magic Mike


The problem is, it makes you see strippers as people.

BONUS REVIEW: I’m having really conflicting feelings about this movie. On one hand, I went to see the monkeys dance and I got that in spades. But I was also confronted with a lot more substance than I originally expected, albeit subtle…substance, if that makes sense.

The film was full of campy dance scenes, a lot of genuine humor and bright moments, but crossed with musings on age, what constitutes a ‘bad life choice’ and dealing with self acceptance. This isn’t a movie about feeling bad for strippers, and it’s not a commentary on whether or not we should paw at men in thongs. But it is a blatant and unapologetic take on a particular set of men selling their bodies for money and what they choose to do to entertain themselves.

So really, this movie had a lot more meat in it than I planned – and I saw dick tonight.

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