Artists We Love

ManifestDestitute - Spray paint.  Hand-cut stencils. Wood panel/canvas.  A masterful eye for layering.  Need I say more?  OK, how about brilliant use of color, texture, and pop culture commentary?  Yeah.  This is ManifestDestitute, and his work is straight-up awesome.

Hows THAT for a professional critique?


vtg music

VTG - our favorite electrorock musician brings something new to the scene and keeps us on the dance floor.  His latest full length, Dance Floor Game, has been making the rounds and is in constant with Junkyard fans (and Lauren’s house).

Turn up ‘I Can’t Breathe’ for a seriously sing-a-long-and-groove-in-your-undies time.


Red Riding Hood - Ruby Mega Wrappinghood fibrevolution


Fibrevolution – making knitwear sexy is no easy feet, unless you are Gwen of Fibrevolution.  Her expertly , hand made accessories are making waves from Boston to LA and everyone is vying for a piece.  From the brilliantly imagined wrappinghoods to simple continuity scarves, Fibrevolution is changing the handmade game from stuff your kid sister makes with glue and glitter to high fashion streetwear.

Dagan Barrett – Dagan embodies what we artists strive for -to make the average extraordinary, and to make our extraordinary creations attainable.  His work makes us think about how we are viewing our ordinary world and considers an alternative, often striking (often unnerving) viewpoint.

Alicia Graef - Alicia was one of the Junkyard’s first artists and for good reason – her hauntingly nostalgic photographs evoke memories you wish you had in a way that no other photographer has.  Her minimalist approach to the art and her expert use of her duel/flex camera brings to life even the simplest of moments.

Rebecca Wasilewski – Rebecca’s work is compelling and thought provoking.  Her deconstructed and muddied forms leave you staring for hours – for some, they find unexpected images and thoughts popping into their heads, while for others the rhythm and flow of the materials are perfect enough as they are and expect nothing more.  However you interpret the work, you will find yourself hopelessly engaged and undoubtedly connected.