When Public Art Goes Bad & Suddenly My Thesis Is Relevant

junkyardarts July 7, 2011 Comments Off on When Public Art Goes Bad & Suddenly My Thesis Is Relevant

Public art is tough for many people who are not involved in the arts to really get into. Many people think it is just a random statue in a park, or a mural in front of a school and no one could really be bothered by it. But public art is all around us and it’s worth taking note of how the proper use of it can really enhance our lives.

Who doesn’t like sitting by a large fountain on their lunch break? Or walking through parks that have beautifully decorative benches, masonry, monuments or sculptures? When good public art policy happens, great things can come of it including major economic stimulation. When it goes bad, well, you may get this:

I wrote extensively about 1% for Art legislation in my graduate thesis and note that while we need to bring more art to our neighborhoods, just throwing in any piece of art just for the sake of completing the task is not enough. That seems to be the issue presented in this video. It’s not that these % for Art programs don’t work, it’s that if they aren’t working it is because people aren’t doing what they are supposed to as to make it successful. As I always say “hard work pay off, because it has to. If it hasn’t yet, try harder”.

Because of this, I am going to put up my thesis…or, some of it piece by piece, to show through my research that a well formed and promoted % for Art program is not only conceivable for any city, but is financially, economically and aesthetically beneficial.

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