Want A Banksy? Go Ahead & Steal One

junkyardarts February 11, 2012 Comments Off on Want A Banksy? Go Ahead & Steal One

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The Art Series Hotels in Melbourne, Australia have hosted quite the contest: if you could steal a Banksy off their walls, you could keep it.

Ok then!

Working with Crime Stoppers in an effort to get people to report a crime in process, the hotel chain allowed their visitors, or I guess anyone off the street, the chance to steal their work – in the hopes that onlookers will make the call to Crime Stoppers.

And one woman was successful and walked out with ‘No Ball Games’ (seen)!  Good job, thief!  Unfortunately no one managed to snag the second piece – though they tried really hard!  Some of the tactics included:

• Re-wiring the internal security cameras so would be thieves couldn’t be seen

• Distracting the security with stories of broken room furniture and fittings

• Scantily clad women distracting staff

• Some imposters pretending they were hotel staff

• Another Imposter pretending he was a tradesman (complete with a ladder)

• A Bonnie and Clyde post modern attempt by two people who Twittered their every move

Apparently even Serena Williams gave it a try.  But she failed.  And as such, the hotel chain will be auctioning off the Banksy to benefit Crime Stoppers.  That’s nice.

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