This Is Not Art: It’s A Rock

junkyardarts June 27, 2012 Comments Off on This Is Not Art: It’s A Rock
This Is Not Art: It’s A Rock

Guys. I’m sorry.  I really am.  I know a lot of people are excited about this and all.  And Michael Heizer’s previous work has been, on occasion, really interesting and neat.

But this?  Levitated Mass?

It’s a fucking rock.  Sitting.  On 2 walls.

But NO! you say!  It appears to be LEVITATING!  which is CRaZy because it’s so heavy!

Use your eyes, people.  Not your crazy eyes.  Your real eyes.  Does this appear to be levitating to you?  When you are under it, can you see light coming from directly under it at all angles?  As if, I dunno, it was levitating instead of resting on those giant, black, triangular braces  directly overhead?

Aside from the obvious issue that the ‘piece’s’ name has no relation to the reality of the work, let’s note how boring this is, shall we?

This isn’t art.  It’s something out of a Chiasso catalog.

It’s big and white and beige and it looks alright, I guess, but it is ultimately useless.

LACMA unveils michael heizer's levitated mass

Look at these assholes.

You want to see big rocks doing crazy, precarious things and be awed by it?  Then hit up a national park, where nature can do this shit for you and it is far more impressive than a dude who placed a rock on a railroad track and called it art.


LACMA / SF Gate /

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