Take Me Away: The Allure of the Art Heist

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Take Me Away: The Allure of the Art Heist

There are some movies that capture our attention, and there are movies that capture the whole of our insides and take them for a ride. The heist is just that kind of story, and the art heist takes the cake. Few movies can bring it all home: suspense, intrigue, intelligence, humor, sex, and the finer things in life, all mixed in with shootouts, car chases, action, adventure, and of course, beautiful art. While we might not always understand art, it does capture out imaginations, particularly when something is so treasured it’s worth stealing. The mystery of art, it’s value, and it’s origin story, are all what make this kind of story just so exciting.

In the news, you’ve got major artworks being stolen all the time! There’s the Rotterdam Heist just last Fall where Picasso’s, Monet’s, Gauguin’s and Matisse’s were all stolen and then destroyed in a stove to burn the evidence.  There’s the Gardner Heist of 1990 that, while still under investigation, remains one of the worst art heist crimes in recent history.  Then theres the trove of Nazi looted art found this Spring in a filth-filled apartment in Munich worth a staggering 1 billion dollars.

Who doesn’t want to see a movie about these incredible crimes?  A boring person, that’s who.

Don’t be a boring person.  Check out my list of the Most Entertaining Art Heist Films and pick a night to get involved in something thrilling.

The lure of the heist continues to this day with The Monuments Men being remade with the all-star cast of George Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman, & Bill Murray. A story about a group of men and women tasked with identifying important buildings and works of art to save from the Nazis.

And as I type, John Travolta and Christopher Plummer are in Boston shooting their own heist film, The Forger, at our very own Museum of Fine Arts.

Art heists, they’re all the rage!

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