Stephen Colbert To Auction Portrait

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Stephen Colbert 2010 Portrait

Apparently, Colbert (also known as Hunky McHunkerson)  is not only brilliant and hilarious, but a humanitarian and, uh, an art dealer?  Video, pics and such after the jump!

Stephen Colbert plans to auction off his 2010 portrait at the Phillips de Pury auction house in New York this March.  That name may be familiar if you frequent this site, because de Pury was also a host on the god-awful-yet-amazing-reality-tv show Work of Art on Broadway.  Reality tv collides!

The portrait, altered with the help of celebrated artist Frank Stella, Street artist Shepard Fairey, and controversial artist Andres Serrano, was created in an attempt by Colbert to get actor and art collector Steve Martin to purchase it.  Though Martin conceded at the end, after the alterations and Stella’s declaration that the portrait “was art”, could be an art piece that is worth something, he still refused to purchase it.  Which, rightfully so.  What the hell was he going to do with it?  Put it on the mantle?

I guess someone will, assuming the auction goes off without a hitch.  Though I suspect that knowing the funds will go to charity, and Colbert being such a brilliant figure in pop culture for the past 15 years, this portrait will find a wonderful, loving home.  Just like Stephen can find a loving home in my pants.  What? I’m a humanitarian too!

In other Colbert-Art news, he continues his “Art Me Up” challenge where you can alter his portrait however you like in an attempt to get it featured above his mantle.  Here is some video of the latest submissions…nudity, hilarity and omgwtfisthat?! ensue.

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