South Park Officially Goes Broadway: Thank the Otter-Overloards!

junkyardarts November 11, 2010 Comments Off on South Park Officially Goes Broadway: Thank the Otter-Overloards!

south park stillIt’s official: Matt Stone and Trey Parker, of South Park fame, are officially heading to Broadway.

Coming in February 2011, The Book of Mormon will be playing at the Eugene O’Neill theatre in the Big Apple. WooHoo!!

Though we shouldn’t be at all surprised.  Fans of these two already know that they have an affinity for the stage –Cannibal! The Musical was an exercise in misfit theatre, with the traditional medium used to propel music sung by a man eating other men, profanity and deliciously disgusting visuals.  Then we have Team America, which was musical in the sense that it was similar to an 80’s comedy with random musical interludes (not unlike the South Park episode mimicking the John Cusack film, Better Off Dead) and utilized theme songs to illustrate a point, or to just let us know that everybody has AIDS, and that freedom costs a buck-o-5.  Who knew?!

Random 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon:

1. My screenwriting professor in college was Andrew Meyer

2. who was the executive produced Better Off Dead

3. in which, John Cusack was the lead character…

so I am three degrees of Kevin Bacon from John “in your eyes” Cusack.  yum.

Back to the task! It only seems natural that the boys behind South Park would produce a tried and true musical and get it on Broadway.  And really, thank God.  Broadway recently is seeing a resurgence in risky and exciting shows that don’t quite take themselves too seriously – which is exactly what I like to see in my theatre.

If you want to get your tickets early, you are in luck!  Link after the clip:

The Book of Mormon: The Musical/

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