See Ya, Suckers. I’m Going To Shabooms.

junkyardarts June 28, 2013 Comments Off on See Ya, Suckers. I’m Going To Shabooms.
See Ya, Suckers. I’m Going To Shabooms.



I’m fucking tired, y’all.

As many of you know, I work a normal job that I totally love and that keeps me typing away on my computer all day, and then I go home and crank out new articles for The Junkyard by night. This leads to my being on a computer for at minimum, 12 hours a day. My wrists, my eyes, and my boyfriend are pretty tired of it. So is my brain. Not to mention June has been a month of unrelenting bullshit, so fuck it. Fuck June.

Fuck everything. I’m exhausted.

I’m going to beach myself stupid this week and not write a single goddamn thing about the arts. Or maybe more, because after they peel my leathery, gin-soaked body from the sand, I’ll be on a plane to Atlanta for work and fuck if I’m going to have time to write about the arts then. Sorry world, you will have to get by for a week. Maybe I’ll have some guest writers, maybe not. Fuck it. We’ll do it live. Suck my dick. I’m going to Shabooms.

See ya, suckers. I’m fuckin’ out.

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