Of Dolls and Murder Documentary Comes to Boston(ish)

junkyardarts October 17, 2011 Comments Off on Of Dolls and Murder Documentary Comes to Boston(ish)

ODAM_PosterTalk about the dollhouse you wish you were a creepy enough kid to make!

I’ve written before about the nutshells and the super intriguing documentary Of Dolls and Murder, about crime-scene dioramas documenting to the finest detail a real life murder mystery scene – all created at the hands of a crafty grandma.  No joke. The whole thing is awesome.  Dolls. Creepy things. Grandmas. And it’s real.

Well, I’ve been following the documentary as it makes the rounds and I’m psyched to announce it is coming to the Boston area!  In a few weeks do yourself a favor and check out the award winning, John Waters narrated doc that I’ve been nightmaring about for months.

October 25th – Lowell Film Collaborative

October 26th – Cape Ann Community Cinema (Gloucester)


The film’s creator, Susan Marks, is also developing a sequel to the film and will cover the work of artist Cynthia von Buhler who is creating her own various projects involving a close-to-home murder mystery, using dolls and miniatures to reenact and relive the details. If you are so inclined to help out fellow artists, Marks’ has a Kickstarter fundraiser going on right now – for as little at $10 you can help an independent film maker create documentaries you would actually enjoy watching – imagine that! Only 2 more days to raise money so I suggest you skip the coffee for a day and donate – helping people is enough of a booster, who needs caffeine, right?

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