New Reality TV Magazine Bring Inanity To A Whole New Level

junkyardarts November 19, 2011 Comments Off on New Reality TV Magazine Bring Inanity To A Whole New Level

Courtney Stodden

Need more reality tv in your life?  Great news!  Kings of reality golden bullshit and publishers of National Enquirer, Star and Radar Online have created exactly what we have been waiting for all these years: a reality show…magazine.

Thank the Gods!

Starting in January we can get our reality smut in in paperback with a price cheaper than a date with any of the shows stars: $1.79.  The cover will even boast “Less Money/More Fun!”

Rejected titles were sure to include:

“More Shame/Less Standards!” and

“These People Will Do Anything For Money/Just Wait & See!”

HIghlighted parts of this literary journal include “Biggest Fights of the Week”, “Where Are They Now?” and “OMG! Seriously?”…to which I imagine the answers to these items would be “Saw it on E! already”, “I don’t care” and “Yes. Seriously. This publication exists”.

Best part of the new magazine is this: Reality Weekly is so loaded with pictures that, quoth the creator “You don’t even have to read it to know what’s going on.”

So it’s a picture magazine who’s main subject and purchaser will undoubtedly be the same brand of whore.  If not literally the same whores. It’s like Catch 22…right? I don’t know. That book didn’t have pictures so I didn’t bother to read it but I’m pretty sure it’s like this…

Look! It’s Courtney Stodden’s ass again!!

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