London Opening Ceremony Volunteers Cashing In On Ebay

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London Opening Ceremony Volunteers Cashing In On Ebay

There were thousands of volunteers for the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, and thousands of costumes to adorn them.

There are so many ways to commemorate such a poignant moment as performing at the games must be for these lucky few.  Take some pics on their phones, perhaps?  Instagram that shiz, make it all dramatic-like.  Maybe even snag a piece of the set and have everyone you can grab sign it…you know, to put over the mantle or something.

Or you can just grab everything you can find and sell that shit on Ebay.

And if you are in the market for a sweaty spandex Bowie costume worn by a stranger for 3 hours, then your lucky day has arrived.  Feast your eyes on this prize:

blue Bowie costume from London 2012 opening ceremony

As the seller notes, they really wanted to sell the item for a cool £4000, but Ebay wouldn’t let them, so, it’s practically a steal for only £600!  Unless there is a bidding war, which is what the seller is hoping for.  Choice facts?  The costume is unwashed spandex and sequins that has countless hours of sweat embedded within. “THIS IS BETTER THAN GOLD SAMURAI ARMOUR. Actually no it isn’t, but it is a close second”.  And “10% of proceeds will go towards Amnesty International”.  How lovely!

Not into the glitz and glamour?  How about dressing like a hobbit?

steelworker costume london 2012 ebay

What’s better than being a part of the industrial revolution? Dressing like the oppressed without the pesky poverty and black lung!  Steal the look for a pittance: £500.  Choice facts: Not only does the costume look like it smells, it most certainly does (unwashed), and it comes with a really cute hat.

But what about a real show stopper, you ask?  How can I really impress my friends with my Olympic wares?  By dressing like a milk maid in an industrial band!

drummer woman costume london olympics 2012 ceremony costume

Well she certainly looks like she’s having a great time.  Don’t you want to have a great time too?  How better to do that then dropping £5,000 on this tweed number?  Price includes the drum, a flesh-colored ear piece and a bunch of dirty boots (real dirt! from the real set!).

Bonus:  You also get 4 cupcakes of your choice!  No really.  The seller is using the profits to build her cupcake business.  This might be the sweetest £5,000 you drop this year!

More shocking than these costumes being up for sale in their entirety is that the Olympic committee let everyone actually keep their costumes at all.  It’s hard to imagine that with all the money and time that went into creating them they would just be given away to volunteers and not saved for museum exhibitions/Olympic sites/University costume departments throughout the UK/anything but give them away.  But who knows. Maybe the committee was just feeling generous and wanted their volunteers to get a big pay day for all their hard work!

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