Last Minute Plans: Peabody Essex Parisian Party (Bonus: Birds on Guitars)

junkyardarts January 16, 2014 Comments Off on Last Minute Plans: Peabody Essex Parisian Party (Bonus: Birds on Guitars)
Last Minute Plans: Peabody Essex Parisian Party (Bonus: Birds on Guitars)

It’s the third Thursday of the month (Jan 16), and that means it’s the first PEM/PM party of 2014 and it is a feast for the senses. There’s the Impressionists on the Water exhibition, (a show that is actually deceivingly diverse) where singer-songwriter Marine Futin will give a tour in French. Then there’s the absinth demonstration which, if it is anything like my first time with absinthe, will be a glorious disaster of epic proportions…though I have a feeling demonstration will have less my brain is spinning out of control at this dive bar and more here’s a pretty drink we set on fire, have a small taste.

Boating on the Yerres Gustave Caillebotte. Milwaukee Art Museum, Gift of the Milwaukee Journal Company, in honor of Miss Faye McBeath. Photograph by John R. Glembin.

Boating on the Yerres, Gustave Caillebotte. Milwaukee Art Museum
Photograph by John R. Glembin.

Finally, if you can get a spot (pre-sale is sold out!), check out New York Times staff writer Adam Gopnik‘s talk about his essay collection Paris to the Moon and his years living in the city.

Can’t make it tonight? Can you make time for 70 zebra finches playing guitar for you on Saturday?

finches at the PEM

I thought so.

Opening Saturday, January 18th is Céleste Boursier-Mougenot‘s From Here to Ear, featuring at flock of 70 zebra finches living in a gallery, playing cymbals, Les Pauls and Thunderbirds.  I’ll say it’s an exhibition that piqued my interest the moment I saw the press release and have been counting down the days to its opening.  Let’s get it out there: this is pretty odd.  Yet, somehow, it’s all very reasonable as an exercise in musical experimentation, artistic collaboration, and how we interact with both.

So, it’s 70 birds wearing stripes and red lips, shredding. You weekend just got a little more interesting.

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