Holiday Gift Guide: Movie Nights with Roku

junkyardarts December 5, 2012 Comments Off on Holiday Gift Guide: Movie Nights with Roku
Holiday Gift Guide: Movie Nights with Roku

Anyone that knows me knows I’m in love with my Roku.  It’s a real love.  A deep, fulfilling love, that offers me comfort when I need it.  A good laugh or heart pounding drama when I want it.

At this point you might be asking: what the f*ck is a Roku?  I’ll tell you!  It’s a handy little device (teensy actually – weighs less than a pound) that hooks up to your wireless network and your TV and allows you to stream TV shows, movies and games with the click of a button.

Roku streams your Netflix movies, streams from Amazon (if you’ve got Prime, you get a whole library of free movies to rent) and rent movies for less than OnDemand, HBOGO, Hulu+, Crackle Movies (free!), Vudu Movies (rentals!), Vanguard Indie Films (free!), Epix Movies, Frightpix (free horror movies!), so many things!  Got Plex? You can use it on your Roku and forget all the HDMI cords – awesome.

Then there are the other channels to get you through your day: Pandora, Rdio, MP3Tunes (itunes to your tv), Nashville Network, and about a million others.  TED Talks (LOVE this channel – and it’s free!), Smithsonian (free!), NASA TV (free!), & MIT Open Courseware (free!).

Finally, there are games like Angry Birds and crosswords, and if you really need it, Facebook.  And about a million other channels.  It never fails me on a free night. Or a busy night. Or a night when I have no idea what I want to watch.

And what is the very best part about Roku? It’s super affordable – and you only pay for it once.  Buy the box and you are on your way.  You don’t need to sign up for any subscriptions if you don’t want, and there is tons of free stuff to use in an instant.  It’s an ideal gift for friends and family!

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