Holiday Gift Guide: Books For Pop Culture & Movie Buffs

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Holiday Gift Guide: Books For Pop Culture & Movie Buffs

Of course we all love books.  Everyone loves reading! I’ve got a mountain of stories I’m trying to crush by the end of the year on my nightstand – you probably do too.  But sometimes a book can be a tough gift to give – unless you stick with our suggestions, obviously.

These books are perfect for anyone that loves and have a wide knowledge of movies and pop culture – this is ideal for friends & siblings!

Silhouettes From Popular Culture – by Olly Moss $16.95

silhouettes_sales cover

I LOVE this book.  Every single page is a challenge of memory and a testament to Moss’ pop culture expertise.  Called “one of the most in demand and influential pop culture artists today” by Slashfilm, Moss’s book has the perfect blend of humor, history, and really captures the pop culture zeitgeist of the past 20 years.  While some silhouettes are easily identified (like this great cover piece), you might spend a night, like I did, with movie buffs arguing over which one is Han, and which is Indiana.  Or shocking yourself by calling out silhouettes you haven’t seen since 1990’s sitcoms.  The simplicity of the illustrations and the humorous use of the classic silhouette is juxtaposed perfection.  Buy this book.

The Great Showdowns – by Scott C.$14.95


I also love this book!  With a forward from Neil Patrick Harris, The Great Showdowns features an iconic showdown from pop culture on each page.  The illustrations are on point and bring humor and a little whimsy to a moment we can all remember in our favorite movies.  This is a book I bring out at every party and let my friends run through, Jeopardy-style, and see who can name the showdown first.  It’s funny, it’s challenging and it’s a blast.  A perfect book for your friends!

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