H&M Launches Home Decor in UK, Breaks My American Heart

junkyardarts July 22, 2011 Comments Off on H&M Launches Home Decor in UK, Breaks My American Heart

H&M home decor

News that H&M had launched a home styling line sent my heart a flutter, just like any other reasonably obsessed American is with the line of questionable quality but gorgeous design would do.

Like a crow, I imagined all the amazing things I can snag, pluck and weave into my daily life, whether I needed it or not. Shiny things! Bedding! Storage that looks that old feed bags! I DON’T KNOW WHY I NEED IT BUT I DO.

But don’t worry bank account, it’s not yet offered in the States.

My heart. It bends.  It breaks!

Here is what I will be fantasizing about until they offer international shipping:

kitchen decor from H&M

H&M home decor

H&M Home decor

H&M home decor

H&M home decor stylings

home decor by H&M

leather bear H&M home

H&M home decor stylings and such

H&M home decor kitchen

home decor by H&M

bathroom by H&M

So, through cruising the site, it looks like H&M is offering some seriously awesome home goods at seriously affordable prices (hey, they do it with clothes, right?).  The styling here is impeccable and the blend of country chic and modern shows they are catering to a wide base.  Ikea better watch it’s back.

H&M /

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