For My Impressionist Aficionados

junkyardarts July 12, 2010 Comments Off on For My Impressionist Aficionados

Standing in front of a Monet is a beautiful thing.  You find yourself walking towards the work – your breath has already been taken away from a distance – and as you get closer, the painting is no longer one piece but the small moments that make it up.  You see the slightest brush strokes, flicks, dabs and swishes,  the hundred of variations of colors, blended, layered and swirled…you feel engulfed by it.  Taken in and surrounded by the sum of it’s parts only to walk away again, now with a better understanding of the why and the how that this work came to be.  From a distance it feels like an old friend.  Just waiting until you can come back and visit, and until then, it will stay just the way you remembered it.  But rest assured – it will take your breath away again.

Seeing his works transition from dawn to noon to dusk to evening is tear-jerkingly mesmerizing if you are an impressionist aficionado, an art school drop-out, or anyone with working eyes and a pumping heart.  Enjoy.

Phillip Scott Johnson /

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