Digital Detox: Talk Face to Face at the PEM

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Digital Detox: Talk Face to Face at the PEM

I’m bad at this too, so this may seem a little hypocritical, but how about we take a night away from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and just enjoy some good ol’ direct human interaction? If that seems too daunting, how about just a few hours away – with plenty of distractions to keep you focused?

The Peabody Essex Museum’s Digital Detox is happening November 20th and offers a chance to actually talk to people face to face, and ‘like’ them by actually telling them “hey, you seem cool”, share your thoughts with the world by writing a message on their ‘Twitter” bulletin board.  There will even be local art students standing by to draw your selfie for you, so make sure you can smize for at least 10min straight so they can get the smolder just right.

But how on earth will you survive without your phone?: A Guide

-First, find the bar.  They will have one and they will have alcohol.
-Drink said alcohol.  Any variety will do.
-Stand alone in the corner and take note of crowds of other phoneless people.
-Realize that everyone feels exactly the same way as you do.
-Find a friendly face and make small talk.  Topics may include: name, residency, occupation, hobbies
-Once small talk hits a lull, offer to buy your new friend a drink.
-Return to conversation and enjoy!

Other activities you can drink while enjoying include spinning records, wandering the art galleries, listen to live music, or even unwind all on your own by finding a quiet corner and enjoy the great people watching.  The Museum is even providing a letter-writing area where you can actually pen your thoughts to a friend, or your mother (when was the last time you wrote your mother, anyway?) and they will provide the stamps.

It all seems like activities from a bygone age, and yet we weren’t glued to our phones just over a decade ago.  I only got a cell phone when I was half way through my freshman year in college, and even then it certainly wasn’t ‘smart’.  So maybe we should stop acting like it’s the end of the world when our phones get busted.  It’ll be ok.  I know a place you can go when the wi-fi drops out, and it’s full of wonders…

PEM / Digital Detox / November 20th, 6-9pm / Free for Members, $10 Non-Members / Cash bar

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