Crap Work at a Cool Show: When Dali met Diana

junkyardarts July 6, 2010 Comments Off on Crap Work at a Cool Show: When Dali met Diana

Ugh.  So there’s this show going on at the Barbican Gallery in London – the type of show that makes you want to hop the pond and discover it yourself.  Works from some of the Surrealist masters including Dali, Duchamp (a fav of mine), Giacometti and Man Ray set inside a Surrealist House that resembles something out of a Tim Burton-esque dream (or nightmare depending on how dark y’all are).

Here’s their promo video – if you can watch this and not want to make a day out of drinking red wine, watching old Italian horror movies and see this exhibit, then you must be dead inside:

how COOL does that look?!

and while the work they show in this tiny preview looks really interesting and thoughtprovoking and intriguing and surreal…they toss in this gem:

jam. made with Princess Diana’s hair.

yes, like the kind you put on toast. no, its not art. yes, its obnoxious. yes, it’s insulting to put that tripe next to works from real artists.

According to reports, the item is a 5lb jar of jam infused with gin, sugar and Diana’s hair, making a sort of condensed milk tasting concoction.  Not only does that sound like terrible jam, but it is a terrible idea in general.  First of all, why would you make this?  What was the artistic motivation? What was the artistic contribution here?  What does jam say about Diana? How does Diana, or just hair in general, relate to jam?

I don’t even know why Im asking.  It’s clear by the ‘artists’ own explanation of the work that he had no clue what surrealism is, what real art is and is instead jumping on a bandwagon of shitty art that makes its way into good shows: “we thought about it and the most mundane food is jam.  So we made it a surreal object”.




All of these things are mundane and uninteresting.  Jam? JAM is the most mundane you could think of?  Do you live off gold dust and baby marrow or something? Pubic hair in my Smuckers isn’t surreal – its unsanitary. And yucky.

Hopefully this oversight in curation won’t hinder the shows ultimate success though – it certainly looks like one of the most interesting exhibits going on today and how I wish I could hop over to the UK to scope this out myself…Ill settle with pics online and that badass promo video.

and if you were wondering, that monstrosity that is ‘gilkgar’ and Diana (gin, milk, sugar) or, Occult Jam – it’s official name, is selling for $7.60 – a cool $7.50 more than I’d be willing to pay, alas.

Barbican Surreal House / CBS

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