Boston AHTS Festival Is Back

junkyardarts September 6, 2012 Comments Off on Boston AHTS Festival Is Back
Boston AHTS Festival Is Back

Boston AHTS Festival 2012

It’s back!  I always love this weekend for a few reasons.  1. It’s bringing together the city’s wealth of artists, from the established to the new round of art school students, and they are all psyched to talk to you about their work (and for you to take it home).  And 2. Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park is always so lovely this time of year.  And since the city changed the area from ‘Terrifying Thunder Dome’ to ‘Pleasant Place for Pedestrians’ a few years back, I always look forward to being in that area instead of avoiding it like the plague.

It’s so important for us to support the arts activities the city sponsors, because if we don’t show up there is the chance they will take it away.  Each event is an opportunity for us as a community to say ‘Hey!  We should do this more often, Boston!’, and maybe they will get the hint. AHTS festival is certainly a step in the right direction.

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