Black Swan – Obvious Title, Curious Casting & Showgirls

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Ok, so the name Black Swan is painfully obvious.  Ballet movie. Swan. Black. I bet it will be mysterious! oggiboogie

So, the twist here is that Darren Aronofsky is directing it.  With The Wrestler, Requien for a Dream, and Pi on his resume, Black Swan might actually turn out to be an intriguing pic – at least the Venice Film Fest thinks so – Black Swan is opening the festival.

The story seems to follow a pretty traditional plane – prima ballerina (Natalie Portman) is cast to lead Swan Lake, and new ballerina (Mila Kunis) is doing something weird that makes everyone think she’s dangerous…oggiboogie!  What the twist will be is anyone’s guess.  While feuding dancers is nothing new in film, it isn’t necessarily realistic – but hell, everyone loves a cat fight, amiright?

During my time speaking with former prima ballerina’s at the New York City Dance Company this June, it sounds like there is always some sort of conflict but most of it comes from stress: these dancers work 6 days a week (Monday’s off) and at least 12hrs a day with short breaks.  Multiple performances on the weekends, rehearsals, practice and very little down time make dancers…something, something.  Not to mention these dancers are worth a lot of money and the likelihood of someone ripping crystals off another dancers dress and tossing them under her feet resulting in a painful knee injury (hey now, Showgirls) is unlikely. Though angrily pushing one down the stairs during a quick costume change on the other hand…

In the end this movie can go one of two ways: interestingly directed and choreographed, moody and penetrating thriller or…this:

Not that I would complain necessarily…I just wonder how many times Aronofsky asked Portman to ice her nipples on set.  Curious minds, Darren…

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