Bernie Sanders Has A Posse

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Bernie Sanders Has A Posse

Shepard Fairey, he of OBEY and Obama’s HOPE campaign fame, has officially endorsed Bernie Sanders for President.

I’m supporting Bernie Sanders for President because I think that he’s the candidate most likely to work for the needs of normal people, not the wealthy and powerful. He believes in campaign finance reform and is practicing what he preaches by not accepting corporate donations or creating Super PACs. I was excited to see an homage to my Andre the Giant Has a Posse sticker because my sticker campaign has always been about grass roots resourcefulness which I think connects meaningfully to the Sanders campaign. Bernie needs help from people like you and me and I think he’ll look out for the needs of people like you and me.

The sticker mentioned above was created by Jeremy Merrill, featuring a ruffled Sanders and his fighting weight, and delightfully updates the Fairey Andre The Giant Has A Posse art.



It’s unsurprising to see Fairey’s endorsement of Sanders.  He has always taken up the plight of the average man in his work, creating art calling for the uprising of the downtrodden, human rights initiatives, and environmental concerns.  In this particular race, Bernie Sanders is the candidate that fits this progressive narrative, and with a growing audience of young adults at the helm not only supporting the campaign vocally, but financially as well, Fairey’s latest design to support the campaign will be well received.

In addition to the endorsement, Fairey has created the Bernie Sanders For President design and t-shirt, and also hosted a Red Hot Chili Peppers fundraising concert.

bernie sanders for president by shepard fairey

Fairey is far from the first artist to endorse or otherwise openly support the Sanders campaign.  In fact well known contemporary artists such as Ron English, Charlie Becker, and others including Fairey have held pop-up art exhibitions to fundraise as well (including here in Boston).  I suspect many more will pop up as the primary season rolls on.

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