Artist Jorge Selaron Dead of Possible Suicide-By-Fire, Or Murder

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Artist Jorge Selaron Dead of Possible Suicide-By-Fire, Or Murder

An awful story breaking over the past 2 days is that of artist Jorge Selaron and his untimely death. While details are murky, it sounds like something out of an ID Investigation Discovery mystery special.

Professional and well-loved artist hires friend to help with production. Friend becomes domineering while artist is traveling for business, putting business at risk. Artist eventually fires the friend. Friend gets mad. Artist ends up dead on one of his more famous pieces of work; apparently suicide by fire.

Or was it?

Certainly there are some curious details that police are continuing to weed through, including that of Selaron’s will. A will that leaves the friend (Paulo Sergio Rabelo) as the conservator of Selaron’s artwork. When Selaron fired Rabelo, he claimed Rabelo lost his mind and attacked one of Selaron’s closest friends, and repeatedly threatened him.

Selaron had said “He [Rabelo] intends to take control of the sales of my paintings. I said no, this won’t happen until I die. He didn’t like it…In the last 20 days, he lost control entirely”.

And then Selaron was found dead on the steps in Rio De Janeiro that he made famous with his decorative tiles, mirrors and paint, complete with a lighter and lighter fluid can by his charred corpse. Horrible.

Friends say Selaron was depondent, depressed and hurt over the fighting with Rabelo and had previously asked friends to help him kill himself. It seems ripe for the who-done-it and I imagine the art world will continue to hear more about this story as police discover more details.

On a totally off-color-and-probably-totally-inappropriate note…adorable sheet, right?

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