Art Historian Cleans Mona Lisa, Let’s You Do It Too

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Art Historian Cleans Mona Lisa, Let’s You Do It Too

krimmer heinz frowning mona lisaEver wondered what your favorite paintings would look like if they got a bath?


Well, you should because some of these bastards are filthy and it’s the art world’s dirty little secret.

Art historian and former Travel Channel Host Lee Sandstead knows all about the state of filthy affairs in our museums and it’s his goal to enlighten and educate.  Though he’s not doing it in a classroom.  Not in a tv show.  He’s doing it through a new Apple iBook for the iPad, and it’s pretty awesome.

“Built on top of Apple’s new iBooks Author platform, Cleaning Mona Lisa interweaves videos and gorgeous interactive paintings with the narrative to take readers on a journey to discover why classical art work such as Mona Lisa is not nearly as impressive as it used to be and what can be done to restore it.”

Apparently it all started when Sandstead finally saw the Mona Lisa and was terribly underwhelmed by her presence.  She was dark, dull and yellow and clearly in need of a bath.  And not a sexy bath, but a real art-preservation kind of bath.  Though if that sounds sexy, well, then you are my type of guy!

With Cleaning Mona Lisa, readers will not only learn about reasons for neglected restoration and ways to change that, but also history on the paintings, and the ability to digitally clean the paintings with the swipe of a finger – revealing truer colors and depth no longer seen due to tarnish.

The iBook platform is really unlike any digital book out there and a perfect medium for what could otherwise be a dull subject.  With the interactivity of the content and the ease of the Apple platform, it’s a digital book that brings art, education and dare I say it, fun, into learning about art preservation.  And who the hell ever expected that?

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