Area 51: Myth or Reality Exhibition is Atomically Awesome

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Area 51: Myth or Reality Exhibition is Atomically Awesome

Bust out your Ancient Aliens fan-gear because the National Atomic Testing Museum has opened quite the exhibition:

Area 51: Myth or Reality.

Well which is it?!

Ok, in my book, it’s obviously a myth.  I mean, sure the place exists but I don’t believe they have aliens there, just like I don’t believe Bill Pullman would be able to bring Amurrica together to overthrow any remaining ones inside the underground bunkers.  Though I often dream of Will Smith punching space creatures for my amusement, I’m gonna leave that in the ‘just a dream’ file.  Of course, there are plenty that disagree with me.  I mean, there’s this guy:

But if he’s your representative then I’m staying firmly in place. Though that isn’t to say I don’t believe aliens exist – I definitely believe that the likelihood that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is extremely high. Though my belief and skepticism are probably equal parts – I tend to side with Carl Sagan on the topic of alien abductions.

From a PBS NOVA interview in 1996:

“…Someone says something happened to them, and people can say anything. The fact that someone says something doesn’t mean it’s true. Doesn’t mean they’re lying, but it doesn’t mean it’s true.
To be taken seriously, you need physical evidence that can be examined at leisure by skeptical scientists: a scraping of the whole ship, and the discovery that it contains isotopic ratios that aren’t present on Earth, chemical elements…very heavy elements that don’t exist on Earth…There are many things like that that would instantly give serious credence to an account.

But there’s no scrapings, no interior photographs, no filched page from the captain’s log book. All there are are stories. There are instances of disturbed soil, but I can disturb soil with a shovel. There are instances of people claiming to flash lights at UFOs and the UFOs flash back. But, pilots of airplanes can also flash back, especially if they think it would be a good joke to play on the UFO enthusiast. So, that does not constitute good evidence.”

So basically, y’all are a bunch of fucking liars. Or I’m wrong and the aliens are going to target me for saying so. It remains to be seen.

The exhibition, Area 51: Myth or Reality, doesn’t do much to skew you in one direction or the other which of course is the point. If we knew what was at Area 51, would we really care anyway? No. Because even in the face of clear evidence against personal experiences (sleep paralysis, bomber plane testing in the 70’s, etc) we continue to believe, probably because we want to believe, not matter what. And if evidence showed there really are aliens hidden in Area 51? Well us skeptics would surely find some reason not to believe. But I suppose there is always hope that something crazy and beyond us is happening here – it’s so much more fun to keep hoping something out of a sci-fi movie will become us in some small part – that and because hope is the only thing more potent than fear, I’m sure.

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